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Residential Care

This is Our Dream, A Complete Residential Care Facility

Our Dream is to provide our clients with a warm, welcoming and homelike setting, where individuals who are unable to die at home, can come with their families and receive expert hospice care along with Comfort, Care, Compassion.

  • Large private rooms where family can stay with their loved ones.
  • A common kitchen-family room where group meals can be made.
  • A beautiful bath area complete with a soaker tub.
  • A garden where even the beds can be brought out into the sunshine.
  • There will be life until it is time to go.

Help Build Our Dream

Why we need a Residential Hospice

This is a much needed service as there is a recognized province-wide shortage of hospice beds. This shortage means, for example with cancer patients in our area, almost 55% die in acute care hospitals when most would prefer a choice of home or residential hospice. With our higher than average senior population, the need for residential hospice beds is growing. 31% of North Simcoe residents are over the age of 55. Today, should someone wish to die in a Hospice, the closest hospice is 45 minutes away (if there is a room available). This makes it much harder for friends and family to visit at a time when every moment counts. These hospice beds will also free up hospital beds for those needing curing/healing and save taxpayer dollars. A hospital bed costs $1,100/day to run versus a hospice bed at $439/day to run.

What a Residential Hospice means to people

Personal Experiences with Hospice:

Land from The Town of Penetanguishene ... April 2018 Update

The 3.1 acre land purchase from the Town of Penetanguishene (for a nominal fee) is complete and we now have the deed in our hands. Trees are being cleared and test holes drilled. We anticipate a ground breaking ceremony at 948 Fuller Avenue, Penetanguishene around the end of May. An architect/engineering firm has been hired to design the structural, engineering, mechanical etc. overlays and to provide guidance throughout the construction process. They are well recommended and have designed and participated in the building of 2 other residential hospices in southern Ontario

Where We're At ... March 2018 Update

Hospice Huronia has been allocated operational funding for 5 beds so we must be up and running by March 31, 2019. A capital campaign was launched at the end of September with a total goal of raising $2.3 million dollars in addition to a matching capital grant from the provincial government that has now been applied for and approved. As of the end of March, we have $1.1 million towards our goal of $2.3 million. We intend to break ground in May 2018 and want to be operating by December 2018, so continued fundraising is essential.

Once open, hospices are only funded at about 50% of their operational costs, the rest is raised through in-memory donations, events and community support. Based on other hospice results, this is quite achievable once the residential hospice is up and running.

Your personal support is greatly needed. Each donation takes us one step closer to building this much needed community resource and will help keep families closer to home at a time when family, friends and community support is especially needed.

Death of a loved one affects us all and Hospice Huronia has been providing support to individuals and families in North Simcoe for almost 25 years through home visiting and bereavement support. Our services, including those of a residential hospice, are free to the client. Now, with the building of the residential hospice, individuals unable to remain at home to die will have the option of being supported in a local, home-like setting, offering Comfort, Care, Compassion to the client and their families. Please consider being part of this community project. It will touch the lives of every resident in time.

Be a part of the Dream!

Capital Campaign

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